Daido Die & Mold Steel Solutions Co., Ltd. (the "Company") believes that properly using and protecting personal information with an awareness of its importance is a part of our social responsibility, and we pledge to make every effort to protect personal information.

Definition of Personal Information

Personal information means information concerning an individual such as name, date of birth, sex, telephone number, email address, occupation, and employer that allows for the identification of a specific individual.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

The Company collects and uses personal information for the following purposes to the extent of those uses only. The collection and use of personal information by the Company is based on the voluntary provision of information by customers, and in cases where a customer provides personal information, the Company considers the customer to have provided its consent to the use of that information in accordance with the Company’s policies.

  • To perform operations necessary for supplying products ordered from the customer.
  • To provide information believed to be necessary and beneficial to the customer such as new product information.
  • To make inquiries and confirmations necessary for performing business operations and to collect opinions for improving services.
  • To respond to customer inquiries.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company does not disclose or provide personal information to third parties without the prior consent of the concerned individual unless there are valid grounds such as pursuant to laws and regulations.

Control of Personal Information

The Company appoints personal information managers, takes adequate security measures to prevent leaks and loss of and harm to personal information, and conducts appropriate management of personal information in its possession to ensure that information is accurate and up to date.

Access to and Correction or Deletion of Personal Information

If a customer wants to access, correct, or delete personal information provided to the Company, the Company will comply with the Customer’s wishes to the extent reasonable after confirming the Customer’s identity.

Submission of Opinion, Complaints, and Objections concerning Privacy

If a customer believes that the policies set forth on this website are not being followed, the customer is requested to submit an inquiry to the Company. After confirming the details, the Company will respond by email and take any necessary action.