Management Principles
The Three Smiles
We proudly contribute to the development of
the die industry with the aim of bringing…

Smiles to Customers Smiles to Employees Smiles to Society
Takayoshi Tsuda, President
Takayoshi Tsuda, President

Action Guidelines
The pillars of our actions are reform and challenge to open up a new era.
  1. We continue to change constantly in response to customer needs.
  2. We develop new technologies and systems in anticipation of change.
  3. We pursue the essence by thoroughly imbuing the "three gen" principles of genba (on-site activities), genbutsu (real products), and genjitsu (facts).
  4. We act in a spirit of fraternity and cooperation.
  5. The foundations of our corporate activities are safety, the environment, and social contribution.
List of Business Sites
Name: Daido Die & Mold Steel Solutions Co., Ltd.
Established: July 1, 2012
President Takayoshi Tsuda
Capital: 435 million yen
Number of employees: 600
Business activities:
  1. Processing and sale of tool steel, stainless steel, structural metal, and other specialty steels;
  2. Manufacture and sales of dies and die components;
  3. Heat treatment, surface treatment, machining, and sale of steel, non-ferrous metal, and other machined products;
  4. Import and export of steel, non-ferrous metal, and other machined products;
  5. Manufacture and sales of jigs and tools;
  6. Manufacture and sale of machine tools, press tools, metal machining tools, and components of such tools;
  7. Manufacture, machining, and sale of cast and forged metal products.
Business sites Plants, inventory centers, overseas offices
Address Headquarters
3-152 Hino, Daito City, Osaka, 574-0062